Aydin El Sanatlari was founded in 2005 with single retail store located in Historical Peninsula. In 2008, there were already 3 different retail stores, all located in same region of Istanbul, that covers more than 800m2.

Myth Arts was established to keep the heart and soul of fascinating Anatolian Handicrafts alive and introduce them to the World. Only in the second year of Myth Arts, the first export was made to the Middle East region.

While we were extending our local market from Istanbul including Kapalicarsi(Grand Bazaar) and Misircarsisi(Spice Market) to Kapadokya(Cappadocia) and Antalya region, we added imported products which were made as per our customer’s requests to our catalog in 2010.

As for the international market; Myth Arts attended 16 most prestigious exhibitions around the world in 10 years between 2007-2016 while improving its export capacity to over 40 countries including U.S.A. and E.U. region. By doing so Myth Arts become a company that makes us all proud by presenting Turkey and Turkey’s handicrafts to the world.

Due to the unending production and sustainability issues of contracted manufacturers, Turkey’s largest ceramic handicraft factory investment was done in Kütahya 1.Organize Sanayi Bölgesi (Organized Industrial Zone) on over 2000m2 closed area. The factory was built as an integrated facility where entire manufacturing process including raw material production to packaging is being done. Workforce of the compay is based on women workers and atellier educations are provided continuously to help women of Kutahya to participate in worklife.

In 2017, after 11 month long R&D experiments, our products become everyday life user friendly and suitable for hot-cold food chain safety while maintainingthousands of years old traditional handicraft feature. These improved products named as TableWorks. With TableWorks products we become one step closer to the initial goal of making Anatolian handicraft products to find a place in peoples life around the World.

In 2019, www.peripeyker.com was established to reach both local and international end users via internet and social media.

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